Modern digital fertility medication training

Designed to replace in-office injection teaching, the MedReady program offers 90+ minutes of modular, protocol-based medication training videos.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions and EngagedMD have collaborated to modernize fertility medication training and help:
  • Make life easier for you and your team
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Reduce the risk of medication error

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Protocol-Based Medication Training

Unlike basic injection training videos, MedReady’s module-based training gives patients an overview of their entire protocol and then step-by-step instructions for administering each medication. Browse our existing protocol and medication library below. Not seeing what you’re looking for? We’re happy to work with your team to build out additional protocol-based modules to meet your clinic’s unique needs.


  • Long Luteal 
  • Antagonist 
  • Microdose 
  • Lupron 
  • Minimal Stimulation 
  • FET 
  • IUI


  • Lupron (Suppression)
  • Microdose Lupron
  • Gonal-F RFF Redi-ject pen
  • Gonal-f RFF 75 IU Vial
  • Gonal-f Multi-Dose Vial
  • Follistim Pen with Follistim AQ Cartridge
  • Menopur 75 iu (Q-Cap)
  • Menopur 75 iu (Needle)
  • Low-dose hCG
  • Ganirelix Acetate
  • Cetrotide
  • Ovidrel
  • Lupron Trigger (KIT)
  • Lupron Trigger (Prefilled)
  • hCG 10,000 IU
  • Pregnyl 10,000
  • Novarel 5,000 USP Units
  • Progesterone In Oil
  • Omnitrope (HGH)

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