More time for what matters most

EngagedMD simplifies patient education and informed consent for the modern fertility practice.

You have a limited amount of time and a lot to cover with each patient.

Limited time to listen.
To ask and answer questions.
To discuss and document treatment options.
All while putting the patient and partner at ease.

We thought you might like a little of that time back.

With EngagedMD, efficiency and quality informed consent can (and do!) co-exist.

Consultations can be more productive.

EngagedMD’s education modules give every patient the comprehensive baseline knowledge they need to have efficient and effective consultations and give their informed consent. So the time you spend with patients can be used for in-depth, case-specific consultation.

Nurses can spend time doing what nurses do best.

Practices that rely on their nursing team to conduct in-person classes risk burning out staff and inconveniencing patients. With EngagedMD you can solve both.

That’s time well spent for patients and the nurses who care for them.

Staff can spend less time answering the same questions.

EngagedMD delivers a consistent, personal learning experience that lets patients slow down and hit replay when they need clarification.

The result? Care teams spend less time repeating information and fielding follow-up calls—more time caring for patients.

Enrolling patients is quick and painless. (Like 20 seconds quick!)

Enrolling patients is as simple as adding their name, email, and due date. Patients then receive their learning plan and due date reminders automatically.

The easiest thing you’ve done all day!

Patients can get some of their time back too!

Self-paced, independent learning modules and electronic signing mean fewer office visits, giving patients more control over their own schedules. Less is more!

Time is money

With administrative, nursing, and physician staff all involved in the informed consent process, any sort of time savings can have a big impact on your practice’s bottom line.
“With EngagedMD in place, we’re able to pare down that 60 to 90-minute appointment to maybe a 15-minute phone conversation and convert that time into shorter consults that are focused on individual patient needs.”
Hannah Johnson
VIOS Director of Operations
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