Informed consent with confidence

Protect your practice and your patients
to give them peace of mind.

Because nothing beats peace of mind.

The complex bio-ethical and legal implications of assisted reproductive technology are reason enough to make sure that your informed consent process is buttoned up.

But nothing beats the peace of mind you and your patients will have when you know that you’ve covered all the bases.

Not just informed…engaged.

Engaged consent

Go beyond informed consent to truly engaged consent with active versus passive learning, featuring embedded knowledge checks as a form of teach-back method to ensure patient comprehension.

Peer-reviewed video teaching modules

EngagedMD’s peer-reviewed video teaching modules are written using plain language and feature dynamic animations that make the material accessible to all audiences.

More than a platform

It’s a standardized informed consent process. So you can be confident that every patient receives appropriate materials. Every time.

Built-in safeguards

EngagedMD’s eSign includes built-in safeguards to make sure every form is completed correctly and no signature gets missed.

Easy access to documentation

Practice Administrators will have easy access to robust documentation of your formal informed consent process and the patient’s participation prior to treatment.

Strengthen claims defense

Read why Dr. Steven Katz of REI Protect believes EngagedMD’s solutions for ensuring and documenting informed consent strengthen claims defense in the risk filled world of ART.
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“The entire process is invaluable from a risk management perspective. We are reassured to know that by having patients answer key questions after each module they are actively demonstrating an understanding of the important risks and benefits of the IVF cycle. These answers are archived and substantially strengthen the informed consent process.”
Michael Levy
President and Director of IVF, Co-Founder of Shady Grove Fertility

X marks the blind spot.

According to the National Quality Forum, 60 percent of patients say they either do not read or don’t understand the information contained in informed consent forms, despite signing them.
Source: National Quality Forum, Implementing a National Voluntary Consensus Standard for Informed Consent.

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