A New Patient Experience for the New Normal

How will you engage, support, and retain new fertility patients in the era of COVID-19?

We’ve developed a brand new set of eLearning modules to engage with patients from the moment they schedule a new patient consultation, through their fertility workup and diagnostic testing.

The goal is to help the virtual to feel more personal, increase patient comfort, and ultimately reduce patient drop-off.

Here’s what’s included

Fertility 101

  1. When to See a Fertility Specialist
  2. Factors Affecting Infertility
  3. What to Expect at Your Consultation

Genetic Carrier Screening

  1. Genetics 101
  2. Inheritance Patterns & X-Linked Conditions
  3. How Carrier Screening Works
  4. Options for High Risk Results

Diagnostic Testing

  1. Menstrual Cycle
  2. Ovarian Reserve
  3. Uterine Cavity & Fallopian Tube Imaging
  4. Semen Analysis
  5. Infectious Disease Screening


  1. Potential Risks & Unknowns
  2. Potential Cycle Cancellation
  3. The New Normal At The Clinic

Review the Videos and Get Started

To learn more about these modules and request a preview or demonstration, please complete this form and a member of our team will reach out to you.