Prepare your patients for a better experience

What if you could help patients understand the process and language of fertility treatment. Set and manage realistic expectations—on their timeline. What if you could alleviate some of the stress that leads to patient drop-off? You can.

EngagedMD was designed for the unique needs of fertility practices and their patients.

A patient-centered learning and e-signature experience that helps you guide patients through a journey that can be as complex and overwhelming as it is miraculous.

More of the right things help patients feel less overwhelmed.

More Convenience

EngagedMD’s cloud-based platform lets busy patients decide when and where to learn and sign documents. On which device. Alone or together.

More Engagement

Curated learning plans and the ability to review information whenever they want empowers patients and partners to take an active role in their treatment.

More Confident Decision-making

Easy-to-understand information presented in short sections gives patients the time and space they need to process information and make confident decisions.

More Comfort

A mobile-friendly learning platform that feels comfortably familiar because it mimics the way patients consume everyday information.

More Informed

EngagedMD’s peer-reviewed educational videos, simple animations, and periodic knowledge checks make it easier for patients to grasp and recall need-to-know information.

More Satisfaction

Patients who are more comfortable with the information and confident in their decision to complete treatment are more likely to have a positive experience. With your practice.
“Engaged MD has been a wonderful tool for our nursing staff and patients. The patients are able to view educational videos regarding the IVF process at home, and take a short test to check their understanding of the process and then meet with a nurse. The feedback from the patients has been extremely positive.”
Christine Flynn
RN, Nurse Manager, Aspire Fertility

Want to explore how EngagedMD can help your practice improve patient experience and reduce patient drop-off?