How do patients access the system?

We build a unique portal for each practice. Staff members “enroll” their patients into the EngagedMD portal by typing their name an email and choosing which modules that patient should see and which forms they need to sign. When a patient is added, they automatically receive an email to their personal inbox that prompts them to set up their EngagedMD account. Their username is their email address and they create their own password. Once the patient sets up their login, the patient can view all of their patient education modules that have been assigned to them. This process has been refined for both efficiency and HIPAA compliance.

Is your system web-based?

Yes, the system is web-based. Patients access the system through a link they receive in their email when the practice “enrolls” them.

For eSign, how is an “envelope” defined?

An envelope is a container used to send one or more documents for signature. Envelopes can contain multiple documents and can be sent to several recipients. For example, if 5 documents were sent to a patient at one time, they would be combined into a single envelope. If these same 5 documents were sent separately at different times, they would each be individual envelopes.

Can patients watch a module multiple times?

Yes, patients have unlimited access to their assigned module and can view them as many times as they would like. In fact, we encourage patients to rewatch their videos throughout their treatment!

Is there a limit to the number of staff members from the same practice that can access EngagedMD?

No, there is no limit to the number of staff members who can access and use EngagedMD.

What do patients think about EngagedMD?

96% of patients report that they enjoy learning from EngagedMD and 73% are more satisfied with their care overall.

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