Virtual Event:
Injection Training
Made Easier

Date: Tues. June 15th, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
Injection training is painful and time consuming for every clinic.

Join us for a 1-hour virtual event with uSMP Pharmacy Solutions to see how we have partnered to help clinics make injection training easier. Completely online and completely free to get your medical practice started.

What’s included in MedReady?

Modern Medication Content

MedReady includes content for 20+ modern fertility medications, including injection training that patients can access any time.

Make medication management easy – have MedReady teach (and reteach) patients for you, all for free.

Customized for your Clinic

MedReady Modules can be customized to match your clinic’s protocols. We can coordinate content to match the exact medication regimen of your patients. Exactly the education they need, when it is relevant to their cycle.

Improved Patient Experience

Detailed 3D content teaches patients exactly how to administer their own medications.

Get started for FREE

All this time-saving content has been made FREE thanks to sponsorship by SMP Pharmacy Solutions.
Why explain the same steps to patients every day?
MedReady covers the most common medication combinations, including: Lupron, Gonal-F, Ovidrel, Menopur, Progesterone, hCG, and many more.
If you don’t see a medication you use on our MedReady list, let us know.
EngagedMD can customize the MedReady eLearn content to match the exact medications your clinic prescribes, in the order your patients will encounter them.
All of this content is available for patients to watch over and over, on any device. It doesn’t matter what day, night, or weekend it is, MedReady is built to be your patient’s go-to medication resource.
No costs for clinics. No costs for patients.
Just contact us to get started.

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