EMRs & EngagedMD

EMRs vs. EngagedMD: What’s the Difference?

Is EngagedMD an EMR? Do EMRs offer the same services as EngagedMD?

EngagedMD is different from an EMR, and no EMR offers the same services EngagedMD provides.

No EMRs offer eLearn services.

EngagedMD eLearn is a virtual patient education tool that enables:
Video consenting
Documentation of informed consent
Reduced time spent on teach classes
Increased patient comfort
Reduced patient drop off

Some EMRs offer eSign services.

None are as sophisticated and tailored to the needs of fertility clinics as EngagedMD’s eSign services.
EMR eSign Tools
Built on DocuSign
Not built on a standard platform
Gold standard of eSignature
Compatible with ESIGN law
Compliant with all state and national eSign laws
Dedicated customer support
You’re on your own
We do all of the heavy lifting
Form configuration & setup
Clinic must handle manually
EnagedMD experts handle this for you
Multifactor authentication options
Email and text message authentication only
Email, text message, and ID verification options
Flexible signing workflows
Document signing is limited to patient and partner
Any signing workflow you want, easily managed
Sign on any device
Not compatible with mobile devices
Compatibility on mobile and web
Compatible with all consent forms
Limited form fields available; no free text entry or dropdowns, minimal conditional logic
We support any field type you need, plus advanced conditional logic capabilities
Continual feature and functionality updates to platform
Because eSign is only one small function of the EMR, advancements are few and far between
eSign is our bread and butter, and we continually update the platform to improve your experience


Most fertility practices use EngagedMD as a standalone platform separate from, but compatible with, their EMR and find immense value from it. However, EngagedMD offers integrations with several popular fertility EMRs to further streamline the clinic experience.

We currently integrate with the following EMRs and software platforms:

The Real Cost of Waiting on your EMR Launch

Planning to switch to one of the EMRs listed above? Awesome– your EngagedMD experience will be even more seamless.

In thinking about timing your EngagedMD and EMR launches, note that EngagedMD can turn on integrations at any time, meaning you can get started with EngagedMD now and we can enable the integration whenever your EMR is ready.

Launching a new EMR can take up to a year, but launching EngagedMD takes less than a month, and the value you’ll receive will be immediate.

Below is a hypothetical example of a clinic that sees 50 patients per month:
Clinic without EngagedMD:
Spends 90 minutes per patient on education and consenting
Total time saved per patient: 0 minutes
Clinic with EngagedMD:
Spends 30 minutes per patient on education and consenting

Spends 2 minutes per patient transferring information between EngagedMD & EMR
Total time saved per patient: 58 minutes
Clinic with EngagedMD plus an EMR Integration:
Spends 30 minutes per patient on education and consenting

Spends no time transferring information between EngagedMD & EMR
Total time saved per patient: 60 minutes
Please note that the numbers here are used for demonstration purposes and every practice will be unique in their time savings.

If this clinic launched EngagedMD today, they would save 48 hours and 18 minutes of clinical and administrative time per month. After their EMR integration, they will then save an additional 1 hour and 40 minutes per month.

However, if they wait six months to launch EngagedMD until their new EMR is live, they will miss out on nearly 300 hours of potential saved staff time.

Curious how EngagedMD can increase efficiency for your practice? Schedule a process review call and find out.