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Woman-owned and Midwest-based, VIOS Fertility Institute has 10 locations in and around Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis, and is one of the fastest-growing fertility groups in the United States. VIOS’s mission is to help patients in this region find their way to fertility health and treatment with the highest chance of success by providing them with innovative, scientific, cutting-edge treatment options along with unparalleled patient experience.

The VIOS team approach includes the development of a customized plan for each fertility patient. As a part of that treatment plan, each patient is assigned eLearn modules and consent forms appropriate to their treatment. VIOS Director of Operations, Hannah Johnson, explains the impact of using EngagedMD’s eLearn and eSign throughout their 10 practice locations as a cost-efficient process that furthers their commitment to exceptional patient education and personalized care.
“With EngagedMD in place, we’re able to pare down that 60 to 90-minute appointment to maybe a 15-minute phone conversation and convert that time into shorter consults that are focused on individual patient needs.”
Hannah Johnson, Director of Operations

Before EngagedMD


Patient education was happening in conjunction with another appointment where patients received other news, test results, or had to make decisions that used a lot of their emotional and mental bandwidth.
With EngagedMD, patients can learn about their treatment in the comfort of home, when it is convenient for them. With the information they need only a few clicks away, there’s less calls coming in after hours.
Some patients weren’t retaining information because they were either trying to look like a compliant patient or not ask embarrassing questions, or they had so many questions that there wasn’t enough time to cover it all.
Follow-up appointments are now focused on patient-specific needs because they’re much more informed, having already gone through EngagedMD’s eLearn modules prior to coming in.
Equal amounts of time were dedicated to each patient when some actually needed less time than others. Staff members were spending an inordinate amount of time just reviewing and repeating what may have already been covered.
Once a patient has indicated they’d like to pursue treatment, the process of initiating education about treatment and retrieving informed consent is streamlined down to a few clicks by members of our staff.

-75% average appointment time

“If you have a patient who breezes through the modules, gets everything correct, they fill out their consents correctly and they’re feeling good about everything, we don’t need to allocate time to review the material again. Which gives us time for that patient who is mid-stim and she’s run out of meds or she thinks she might have administered medication incorrectly. Then we can give her the time that’s needed to get her in a good place.“
Hannah Johnson
Director of Operations

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