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Modern fertility treatment is a medical marvel that gives hope to so many who are having difficulty starting a family.

Yet, each advance in assisted reproductive technology that brings patients closer to realizing their dreams also brings a daunting collection of medical, legal, and financial considerations—all intended to assist patients in making values-based decisions about their treatment.

Doctors, nurses, and practice staff who make up fertility care teams struggle daily to balance the needs of their patients and the demands of the practice— and of the field. Yet the absence of appropriate tools and resources creates both an inadequate process and the resulting burnout that comes with trying to keep up.

For patients and partners, the overwhelming process can be stressful and inconvenient, too often resulting in a negative experience, patient drop-off, and unfulfilled dreams.

That’s why in 2014, in collaboration with some of the leading minds and organizations in the ART world, we started EngagedMD.

At EngagedMD, we believe that real progress comes when you remove the layers of inefficiency that keep people from doing what they do best. We have created tools that are a direct response to the chaos of a challenging and ineffective patient education and informed consent process. To enable fertility care teams to focus on doing their truly life-changing work.

400,000+ patients

have used eLearn for patient education

100+ clinics

trust their practice’s informed consent process to EngagedMD

1,000,000+ forms

have been signed electronically using eSign

Engaging Conversations

See what others are saying about EngagedMD and how we’re using our voice to improve the modern fertility practice for everyone.
There is a lot of information that we want you know during treatment. We have found that listening to us during your visit, then reviewing your treatment plans online at home is a productive way to ensure you receive the best care and have all the information you need.
Massachusetts General Hospital
IVF/ART Program
“What I’ve noticed about millennial patients is that when we ask them to do things like complete their education modules, we use a program called EngagedMD. It’s online, they can do it at home, they can do it on their phone or iPad. But they’re willing to get it done.”
Hannah Johnson
Director of Operations for Vios Fertility Institute,
As heard on Inside Reproductive Health
“We use @EngagedMD technology to help you learn about your #IVF & #fertiitytreatment from home.”
Manchester Fertility on Twitter
“EngagedMD “improves patient education regarding ART treatment, gives patients more control over their medical decision making, and better prepares them to participate in the consent process.”
EngagedMD Co-founder and Co-CEO, Jeff Issner, spoke at ASRM 2019 on how technology and data can be used in IVF clinics to help enhance the fertility patient experience and reduce patient drop off.
“For instance, EngagedMD, we brought them into our clinic pretty early because we did the math on what the nurses’ salary was on what we were saving for them not having to do this class with a patient to teach medications…the savings on the payroll over the course of a week were astounding”
Bob Huff
Chief Technology Officer, Imagine Health
As heard on Inside Reproductive Health

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Co-founder, Co-CEO

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Co-founder, Co-CEO

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People Operations Manager

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EngagedMD is more than a tool. It’s a team
We talk a lot about the patient experience, but we care about your experience too! We’ve designed our tools to be easy to launch and easy to learn, but we never leave you to go it alone.

When you partner with EngagedMD, one of us will be your Customer Success Manager, a go-to-guide that’s at your side, but never in your way.

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